English Bridle leather for the best quality leather in the World


I use English Bridle Leather for all of my handmade items. Whether it is Bridle Butt, Bridle Back, or Harness Back you can be assured that you will be getting the finest leather in the world.

J&FJ Baker

I use J&FJ Baker for my leather. Suppliers of leather to some of the most exclusive shoemakers, saddlers, and interior leathers in the world. British leather quality is world renown for its quality with a unique Oak tanning process making this leather extremely sought after.

J&FJ Baker is the only oak bark tannery in Great Britain. These types of luxury leathers can not be found anywhere else in the World. At over 150 years old it is still a family run business fitting well in to my supporting British small business.

Based in Devon the tannery has been there since Roman times, perfecting the art of oak tanning over the centuries.

Oak bark tannage

The tanning process is a long, gentle process that protects the natural fibres in the hide. Using the best local hides that are treated in a sustainable process that uses natural products. It take 14 months to complete each piece of leather.

The leather is finished by hand by expert curriers using a special blend of natural oils and greases that protect and feed the leather whilst simultaneously enhance the natural grain and colour. The result is an unrivaled leather that is hardwearing, strong and has distinctive colours and textures.


For more information on the Leather that I use visit J&FJ Baker