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Raised and Padded Snaffle Bridle - 'Pine'

Raised and padded snaffle horse bridle

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You will admire the esteemed good looks of the Pine padded cavesson hunter bridle. The noseband is softly padded and raised adding style and bearing to your horse.

The noseband can be made into a flash if required.

Handmade in the UK by a traditional Cordwainer craftsman. Please note that reins and bit are not included.

Available in Pony, Cob, Full, Extra Full, and made to measure at no extra cost.

Priced at £345 including free UK delivery

  • Stainless steel Bridle buckles and rings mean no rust or discolouration will occur and provide for increased strength.
  • 1st Selection English Bridle butt leather.

  • Softly padded cavesson flash noseband relieves any pressure points on the horse's sensitive nose.

  • Round raised padded cavesson noseband.

  • All completely hand stitched in the UK using time honoured traditional techniques.

  • Double hand-stitched for increased strength and durability using linen thread

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 Information on ordering and sizes

Before placing your order please confirm that you have ordered the correct size and style you require as I do not accept returns for an incorrectly ordered item. This is due to the fact that every item supplied by Oakside Saddlery is made by hand to order and is therefore a special order.

For additional information on measuring your horse for a bridle check out my guides page. This also shows you what my standard bridle sizes are.

Remember I don't charge any more for a made-to-measure or any other different size requirement. 

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The Hand making process

Each handmade bridle at Oakside goes through a number of processes before being posted to you.

  • Bridle butts are the the best selection of leather. I use 1st selection English leather only.

  • Each bridle component is made from the same bridle butt ensuring consistency in colour, thickness and strength. Each part is cut to size and prepared by hand, burnishing the edges, creasing, punching the holes and marking for the hand stitching.

  • All furniture (buckles and fittings) are made from stainless steel ensuring strength, durability, and rust prevention. Buckles are fitted using a reverse turn which again keeps the strength of the leather at the buckle. This also puts the best stitching against the horse's skin preventing any roughness. The back of the stitching is hidden in use behind the straps!

  • Each part of the bridle are hand stitched using a traditional double hand technique with waxed linen thread. This means that the stitches are interlocked and will not unravel like machine stitches can. All parts are hand stitched in this way, even the non-stress components like the noseband. It takes longer but provides for a better quality bridle.

  • Each part is finished, all loops are blocked and re-creased, the edges are polished giving that unique finish typical of a lovingly hand made bridle.

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