Dog Collar and Lead Options

Below are some of the options you can chose for your new handmade leather dog collar and lead. This page is intended to show you some of the options I have and to clarify what they look like.

please note that not all of these options are available on all items.

Extra-Duty Option
Extra-duty stitching

The extra-duty option adds an additional line of stitching down the centre. It is only available on 1 inch wide leather collars and leads.

Handle Ring
extra-duty handle ring

Having a ring in the handle allows your leather dog lead to be clipped back on itself. This lead can then be carried over one shoulder keeping your hands free. It can also be used to shorten the lead by half when it is clipped to your dogs collar in this way.

Incidently this lead also has extra-duty stitching

Additional Fixed Keeper
additional fixed keeper

The additional fixed keeper is fitted after the Dee. It is designed to help keep the point under control and to stop it flapping around.