Wooden Stable Nameplates

Made by Handin Great Britian

My nameplates are routed by hand into reclaimed or renewable 4 inch wide wood. The letters are approximately 2 inches high and stained a darker colour than the sign which is varnished with exterior varnish. Two holes are pre-drilled to ease mounting.


£20 plus £1 per letter postage is £4 

Close up of the wooden nameplates letters

The making of a Wooden Stable Nameplate 

It takes a a good week to make your wooden stable nameplate. First the wood is marked up with each individual letter on the nameplate, ensuring correct spacing and more importantly, the correct spelling! Once I am satisfied I then cut each individual letter by hand using a router and a straight edge. The curves are all cut by hand into the nameplate. Once all of the nameplates letters are cut I then mark, and cut the ends to shape. The two mounting holes are drilled and the router is used again to put a nice finish to the nameplates edge. The entire wooden stable nameplate is then sanded and all traces of dust are blown clear using an air-line. I use a dark stain varnish on the letters and leave the nameplate to dry overnight. To finish the letters off properly I then sand the top face of the stable nameplate again, giving a nice crisp edge to the letters, before blowing the nameplate clean again ready for varnishing.

Varnishing takes time, as I apply two coats of varnish to each side of the stable nameplate, using exterior  varnish. There is normally a 24 hour drying time (touch dry) between each coat. Once your wooden stable nameplate is completly dry I will put it in to the post for you.


"Hi, the stable name-plate was great thanks - beautifully made and much admired! Thank you"

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