How to measure your Dog for a made-to-measure leather Martingale collar or Slip Collarfrom Oakside Saddlery

You will need a fabric tape measure to do this.

For Martingale and Slip Collars you will need to measure around your dogs head at its widest point. This is usually around the ears and jaw line. Allow two - four fingers slack, depending on the size of your dog, as your collar will not be able to open any bigger when putting it on your dog.

Using your fingers means with your hand perpendicular to your dogs head, not flat against it.

If you are ordering a padded Martingale then may be add another 3 fingers to allow for the padding on the inside of the collar.

What does this measurement mean to me?

Whatever size you give me will be the length of the collar when it is pulled to its longest length. For a slip collar this is ring to ring. For a martingale this is the length of the collar with the circle chain pulled tight.

Length Conversion

inch [in]:
centimeter [cm]:
millimeter [mm]: