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Leather Colours

Leather Colours - from top; Australian Nut, Black, Burgandy, Chocolate, Conker, Dark Green, Dark Havana, Hazel, Light Havana, London Tan, Navy Blue, Oak Brown, Old Oak, Red

From the top

Australian Nut





Dark Havana

Dark Green


Light Havana

London Tan

Navy Blue

Oak Brown

Old Oak


Check out my Measuring Tip Page to ensure that you have ordered the correct size.

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Why would your dog choose Oakside Saddlery for their Leather Dog Collar and Lead?

So you have been looking for a handmade leather Dog collar and lead. There are many available on  the internet and in stores; from really cheap ones – to really expensive ones, and I mean really expensive with diamonds and other baubles.

So why would you choose one of my handmade leather Dog Collars or Leads?

Maybe it is just because you like to support UK small business? Whatever the reason, I would like to think that you choose to buy your dog their perfect collar and lead from Oakside because you like the look and quality of my work!

I am trained as a Cordwainer (someone who works with leather). I use traditional saddlery methods to make a handmade leather dog collar and lead to a standard that far surpasses shop bought dog collars and leads.

I use the finest English Bridle Leathers from JE Sedgwick & Co. These leathers are available in 14 different colours so you should find something to suit your style.

Sedgwick & Co were founded in 1900 and have been producing top class leather ever since.

For buckles I use Abbey England.

Founded in 1982 and based in Knutsford, Cheshire with a foundry in Walsall. Abbey England was awarded a Royal Warrant in 1995 for their quality goods manufactured in the UK foundry. I also buy all of my tools, thread, and dyes used to make my leather dog collars and leads from Abbey England.

So now I have the best quality British materials - top quality leather, and the best British buckles. Now the work comes down to me.

When you order your handmade leather dog collar I ask for a length measurement. This is the length your handmade leather dog collar will be from the buckle to the middle hole or from ring to ring depending on the leather dog collar design. So rather than just getting an off-the-peg dog collar which might buckle up on the last hole with around 10 holes punched through it, or on the first hole with a foot of leather that needs to be tucked in somewhere! You will have a leather dog collar that is made to measure and will fit your dog perfectly. A small amount of leather to tuck in to the dee ring and loops and two holes either side making your leather dog collar look great on your dog.

The buckle and dee ring is stitched by hand to the handmade leather dog collar. I use linen thread and double hand stitch. This means that each thread passes through the leather and makes a complete stitch, unlike machine stitching which interlocks the stitches in the middle of the leather. This means that on any  one side is the same length of thread, break one stitch and you break them all!  Double hand stitching uses two needles to stitch with, each stitch crosses inside the leather before moving on to the next one. This makes for a much stronger and more reliable stitch than machine stitching.

The other noticeable difference with my handmade Leather dog collars and leads is that the stitching runs along the length of the leather and not across it. By stitching along the length the strength and integrity of the leather is maintained. It takes a lot longer to do but is better in the long run! Stitching across the length is essentially making a perforation across the leather dog collar and lead, weakening the leather and making a potential failure point! Not good if that leather lead is all that is holding the big Police dog back!

So there you have it. In summary the reasons for buying a Handmade Leather Dog Collar and Lead from Oakside are;

  • Top selection English Bridle leather.

  • Solid brass or stainless steel buckles.

  • Handmade in the UK supporting British small business.

  • Traditional hand stitching methods.

  • Made-to-measure.

  • Custom Designs.

  • Leather and Buckles made and finished in the UK.

  • Free UK delivery.

  • Secure PayPal payment.

  • A selection of standard designs for all breeds of dog.

Why should you choose Oakside Saddlery?

  • Everything is made in the UK so you are helping to support British Industry.
  • Handmade using traditional methods ensuring strength and longevity.
  • Made to measure for the perfect fit.
  • On-line purchases using PayPal for increased security.
  • Custom Designs for individuality.
  • Free UK Delivery with no hidden charges.
  • Worldwide shipping.

Leather Colours


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