Special Requests and One-off leather dog collars and leads.

A new take on a Martingale Collar

This martingale leather dog collar has a modification to the loop. Instead of being stitched in across the brass ring, the leather is actually stitched through the brass ring. It still has all of the benefits of a martingale by pulling tight when the dog pulls back and preventing the collar from coming off. But it also makes it easier to clip the lead to.

This collar is also made to police specifications. It is stitched in a heavier 5 cord linen thread at 8 stitches to the inch. A third line of stitching is also added, further increasing the strength and security of this leather dog collar.

Traditional Dog Collar with an additional dee ring fitted for a tag

This design was based on a standard traditional leather dog collar in Oak dark stain leather with white hand stitching and solid brass buckle and dee rings. To prevent the lead being accidently connected to the dog tag's split ring an additional dee ring was fitted. This was placed at the rear of the collar, well away from any accidental connections.

traditional leather dog collar with an additional dee ring fitted for the dog's tag
1 1/2 inch wide Custom Designed Multi-Length Slip Lead

A multi-length handmade leather slip lead designed for a big Boerboel dog. The leather is 1 1/2 inches wide and stitched by hand using three lines of stitching. Fittings are solid brass. 3 brass Ds are fitted along the length of the lead allowing the lead to be adjusted from short, medium, to long. 

handmade custom leather slip lead
2 inch wide leather dog collar with additional brass loops.

This was a special request with a remit to make a 2 inch wide leather dog collar with a solid brass 2 inch buckle, the Dee on the end and three solid brass loops. This type of collar is reminiscent of a Boarhound Collar.

The final design looked quite different to a collar any other dog was likely to be wearing!

2 inch wide special leather dog collar

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