Custom Horse Bridles 

Think you can't afford a made to measure English leather horse bridle with all of the specific options you require. Think Again!

Oakside Saddlery can build you a horse bridle that meets your exact requirements and at no greater cost than a standard bridle. How can I keep my prices the same? It's simple really. It takes me just as long to make a 9 inch long cheek piece as it does to make an 12 inch or a 7 inch cheek piece. Therefore it takes me the same to make a standard full size bridle as it does to make a made to measure bridle to the same specification. All you need to do is provide the measurements and your requirements and I will do the rest.

If you do not want a standard type of bridle or you have some specific design that you have in mind. Maybe even a brand new design that will take the world by storm! Then contact me with your design drawings and measurements and I will get back to you.


I can make pretty much anything you require for your Horse bridle including;

  • Padded Noseband, Browband and headpiece.

  • Cavesson or continental nosebands.

  • Plaited browband.

  • Patent leather noseband

  • Rolled cheeks, rolled throatlatch, and rolled browband

  • Raised and swelled nosebands and browbands

  • Extra large riding bridles to fit Shire horses and other large breeds.

  • Hook billets and buckle billets on cheek pieces.

  • A single part to match your exsisting horse bridle. please note that the colours may vary.

  • Coloured piping and welting. This may be faux leather depending on the required colour.

  • Fancy hand stitching to your noseband and browband.

  • Lined and padded nosebands.

  • Flash nosebands.

  • Double bridle sliphead. to the same design as your exsisting bridle


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