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Why should you buy a handmade leather belt?

Posted by Simon Harrison on Friday, May 30, 2014 Under: Belts
If you walk in to any department store you will be able to buy a ready made leather belt. So why should you order from Oakside and have to wait for a belt to be made and then delivered!

Simple Really!

My leather belts are made by hand using traditional techniques and methods. The leather is top quality, 1st selection, English bridle leather – the best leather you can get! You can choose from a selection of standard designs and buckles, or you can be adventurous and design one of your own unique styles. The buckle, in either stainless steel, brass, or nickel, is stitched by hand to the leather using thick linen thread ensuring that your belt is long lasting. No rivets to be seen here.

The edge of the leather is bevelled by hand giving a smooth polished finish. And a single crease line is applied giving a nice touch to the leather.

As my leather belts are made to order the size is also. If you have measured correctly the belt should buckle up on the middle hole leaving a couple of holes either size, just enough to get to the first belt loop with out being excessively long and flapping about all over the place (how annoying is that!).

I have a selection of colours including Black, Dark Havana (dark Brown), and Australian Nut in stock.  



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