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White Stitching?

Posted by Simon Harrison on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Under: News
Just a few notes on white stitching on my handmade leather goods.
Firstly, white stitching does look nice on many of the leather colours that I use. That being said - it doesn't stay white for long!
White thread is actually described as whitey/brown thread. See even the manufacture can't keep it white for long!
By the time that I have waxed it - I keep a different piece of wax especially for white thread - it starts to take on a slightly yellowy/brown hint. Not much, but I can see it when it is next to the reel of white thread. I then start to stitch it and it picks up more marks from the leather as I stitch and the protective pieces in my clams.
So now your nice white stitching has a definite white/brown hint to it.
If you have white stitching on an every day item expect it to get dirty very quickly. If it's a dog collar - well you might as well just give up!

Keeping it clean is virtually impossible. A gentle scrub will remove most dirt, but if you get it too wet the leather stain will flow and stain it even more. Renapur is good to protect it in the first place and I have heard that a dusting of talc helps.

So in conclusion. Don't expect your white stitching to stay white for long! But if it looks good - what the hell.

Have a nice day.


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