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What's The Point?

Posted by Simon Harrison on Saturday, July 12, 2014 Under: News

The point when making leather is the part of a belt or strap that passes through the buckle. There are a variety of designs and styles that a Cordwainer can use, and sometimes traditional methods dictate what style of point a strap should have. Nowadays, on leather belts and the like, this is just a case of personal preference.

There are two styles of point that I use and both are traditional designs.

Cathedral Point

The cathedral point, or harness point, is probably the most common point end in use. As its name would suggest it was originally used when making horse harness. It has a curved point which is reminiscent of a cathedral window.

The very tip of the point has the tiniest of cuts to remove the fine point.

Bridle Point

The bridle point is the traditional method of finishing a riding horse bridle. It has squared off ends which allow the point to easily pass through the buckle and any loops, but also keeps the strength of the leather to the end. The end is cut 1/16 of an inch in from the outside edge and the slope is cut back the width of the belt. By using this method the leather strap keeps its proportions. Again the very corners have a very small piece cut off.

So which point should you have?


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