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Treat your dog to a bit of traditional style with a twist!

Posted by Simon Harrison on Thursday, June 5, 2014 Under: Products

Plaited collar


My plaited dog collars are made from English Bridle leather, the pre-eminent leather available. It is hard wearing, long-lasting and has an excellent finish. My plaited leather collars are available in either Black, Dark Havana, or Australian Nut Bridle leather with the entire collar made from a single piece of leather, with no joins in the plait.


The buckles that I use are either; solid brass roller buckles or stainless steel West End Buckles. I use stainless steel West End buckles as they look much nicer than your typical wire roller buckle.



As with all of my work the buckle is stitched by hand to the leather collar. Four lines of stitching are required to attach the buckle and the dee. The stitching runs along the length of the leather collar keeping its strength, integrity, and reliability.



The plait is made from a single piece, there are no joins! Look closely now! By plaiting the leather without cutting helps keep the strength of the leather dog collar. Depending on how wide your collar is depends on how many strands there are to plait. A half inch wide leather dog collar will only have three strands to plait, whereas a 7/8 wide leather dog collar will have seven plaited strands.


I punch 5 oval holes through the leather. This gives you some adjustment should you need it. When you order your leather plaited collar the length that you order will be the distance from the buckle to the middle hole. The oval hole lets the leather lie flatter that is nicer for your dog.



A standard leather plaited dog collar will have one fixed leather loop after the buckle to keep the point of the leather in check. This loop is blocked nice and square with two crease marks down the edges. As an optional extra I can stitch a second leather loop after the dee to keep the point of the leather held tight against the collar.

Order your leather plaited collar today!


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