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The way that you pay is changing

Posted by Simon Harrison on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 Under: News
Don't panic!
I have had a few orders that after I have made their order have then just not paid.....Bugger!
Great I still have an item, but as this was made to a very specific style it is difficult for me to resell.
I will soon change the time that I will invoice my customers. Presently I invoice once I have completed. What I will be doing is invoicing when I receive your order. This will mean that I get your money earlier (excellent for me!) But unfortunately you have to part with your hard earned cash earlier. The advantage to you is that it will give you time to change your mind before I have made your item so I will not waste my time making something that is never going to be paid for.
So the process will go something like this;
  • You place your order
  • Your order is received
  • I email you an order acceptance and a PayPal invoice
  • Your order goes in to my order book
  • Sometime within the next 30 days you make payment (Hopefully!)
  • When I reach your order in my book, If it has been paid for, I will make it and send it to you by 1st class Royal Mail
  • If you haven't paid I will simply skip your order and send you a reminder via PayPal.
Hopefully that makes sense and won't cause too much inconvenience.


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