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The Making of a Wooden Stable Nameplate

Posted by Simon Harrison on Saturday, August 29, 2015 Under: Products
Have you ever wondered how I go about making a Wooden Stable Nameplate?

Then read on!

Once I receive your order I initially work out the spacing and size.

The top and bottom of the letters and the spacing between is marked out. Some letters, A and V for instance need to be spaced closer together. Notice that the left-hand edge is further back. This is so as to avoid the knot in the wood that would otherwise be in the way, wouldn't it (oh dear wood puns!)

The letters are routed in by hand. They are cut deeply in to the wood ensuring that they stand out once the nameplate is finished.

The ends are cut round and two screw holes are pre-drilled. Plenty of sanding is needed to ensure a nice smooth end.

The edges are finished using the router. This makes for a distinctive edge rather than a boring corner or rounded edge.

The first coat of varnish is a dark mahogany. I paint this into the letters ensuring that each letter is completely covered. It doesn't matter about it going over the edges at this point.

Once the varnish is completely dry, about 24 hours, the laborious job of sanding takes place. As you can see once the excess dark varnish is sanded away the letters really start to stand out. the nameplate is now ready for varnishing.

After 4 coats of varnish and another 24 or more hours of drying your stable nameplate is ready to be shipped.


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