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Some Traditional Saddlery Rules

Posted by Simon Harrison on Sunday, March 6, 2016 Under: News
I make my leather goods using traditional saddlery methods. These methods have been perfected over hundreds of years. As the art has developed saddlers adopted a set of rules to work to for a uniformity to their products.
I use some of these rules but certainly not all of them
  • Never edge the outside edge of a loop.
  • Adjustment holes are spaced the width of the strap apart (A one inch wide leather belt will have holes spaced at one inch intervals).
  • Always have an odd number of holes in a strap (This is so when fitted correctly the strap is buckled to the middle hole leaving an even number of holes to either side).
  • Yellow furniture (Brass buckles, etc) have oval holes.
  • White furniture (Nickel and stainless steel buckles) have round holes.
  • From the last hole to the point at the end of a belt is two and a half times the width of the belt.
  • Buckle returns on a horse bridle and harness have the best stitching against the horse.
  • Never stitch across the leather (This reminds me of perferated paper, somthing to tear along!)
Well there are a few. When you think about it they actually make sense! I stick to most of them but some only when I am making certain things.


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