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So what sort of lead do you need?

Posted by Simon Harrison on Friday, August 1, 2014 Under: Products
When it comes to choosing a lead it can be quite confusing. And the more advise you get, sometimes the harder it gets to make your decision. I’ll break down some of the common uses that I had in mind when I designed my leads.

Standard Leather Lead


This is your General Purpose lead. Designed for everyday use.

Simple in design but can be put to more uses than you may think! A handle at one end and a simple clip at the other it does exactly what it’s meant to do. Clips to your dogs leather collar and be held in your hand. It’s a lead!

  • But have a ring fitted in the handle and you can attach it to another lead and make it longer.

  • Loop it around a post and clip the handle to the clip is an easy way of securing your dog.

  • Buy just a handle loop with a clip and attach to or more leads together for multiple dog walking.

  • Clip the ring to a belt clip loop for hands-free on-lead control.

  • Clip the ring and make a big loop that can be worn over your shoulder making for hands-free, off lead walking. A must for me as I hate carrying a lead in my hands!

I’m sure you can think of many more!

Slip Lead

This lead is great for hunting dogs, etc. that don’t want to be wearing a collar in case it gets caught up whilst they are working. It is a simple leather lead that has a handle at one end and a slip loop at the other enabling you to quickly control your dog. Have a ring fitted in the handle and all of the above uses also applies!

Multi-Length Lead


This lead is the professional dog handlers favourite! Due to being able to adjust the length of the dog means it makes a great training lead, is good for distance work, perfect for close control, and for general, everyday walking.

  • Loop it in its shortest length gives you hands free walking.

  • Have two dogs with collars. Simple! Attach a dog to each end and hold the lead in the middle.

  • Easily clip it around a post to secure your dog.

  • Loop the handle over your shoulders with your dog attached at its mid-length for hands free control. Great for Police and Military handlers.

So there you have it! Make your choice and order your handmade leather dog lead. Better still buy one of each – just in case!)

Have any other ideas for leads then let me know.


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