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Racing to get a Leather Sighthound Collar

Posted by Simon Harrison on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 Under: Products

The Sighthound Collar


A sighthound is a type of hound that catches its prey by using shear speed and agility. It uses, as the name would suggest, its keen vision to keep this prey in sight at all times. Sighthounds have a long, lean, and flexible body; long legs and neck, and a deep chest. This all comes together to create the perfect, high-speed, hunter.

Breeds of dog associated with being a Sighthound include;

  • Greyhound

  • Whippet,

  • Lurcher

  • Afghan Hound

  • Borzoi

  • Wolfhound

  • Saluki

To name but a few.

Sighthounds have a distinctive collar associated with them and this is my take on that theme.

Design and Style


The Sighthound collar has a narrow buckle but widens out to over twice the width of the buckle. This design places less pressure around your dogs neck due to the extra width, and is more comfortable for the dog.


As with all of my leather dog collars I use top quality English Bridle Butt Leather. This is by far the best leather that money can buy. It is around 3.5 – 4mm thick, very strong, and long-lasting. Once oiled it is also very flexible and forgiving.



The buckle is either solid brass or a West End stainless steel buckle. Both of these materials are superb for this leather Sighthound collar as they will not rust or corrode. The buckle is 7/8inch wide on all widths of collar.


A leather loop is fitted behind the buckle to keep the point under control. This loop is blocked square and creased nicely.



It is quite common for Sighthound collars to be either lined, or padded and lined. I have a variety of soft leathers to line your Sighthound leather collar with. Colours vary depending on what I have in stock but are usually;

  • Black

  • Grey

  • White

  • Cream

Padded adds a layer of neoprene between the lining and the leather making for a soft inner surface and again increasing the comfort for your dog.



All my stitching is carried out by hand in the traditional way. The buckle, dee, and lining are hand stitched with 4 cord, waxed linen thread, and double hand stitched. Double hand stitching is much stronger than machine stitching as each stitch is passed completely through the leather.

Place your order for a Sighthound Leather Collar today!


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