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New Camera Strap Designs

Posted by Simon Harrison on Monday, May 13, 2019 Under: Products
I have been experimenting with some new handmade leather camera straps recently. I have four out for field testing at the moment. Just to check that they all work as they should!
I have tried to think of something that is not common in the world of photographers and their cameras. Being Leather I know that they are stylish, and as they are made entirely by hand they are all bespoke. But I have also used some fittings from the saddlery trade. The Globetrotter shoulder strap for instance, uses a two loop square that is used to make a horse headcollar. I found that tipping it on its side made the camera strap lay flat against your hip, rather than side on where it can dig in!
The other issue is the fittings to the camera. The problem is leather is much thicker than the nylon straps used by many manufactures. Split rings are one of the best and easiest ways to connect our leather camera strap to your camera. I am also experimenting with Peak Designs anchors and tethers.
Anyway, once the results are back I'm sure that I will make a few changes and there will be a new line of handmade leather camera straps in my store.

Have a good day.


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