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My Top 7 Best (Worst) Horse Clippers

Posted by Simon Harrison on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 Under: Clippers
A countdown of the dirtiest and hairiest horse clippers that I have repaired and serviced.
And you thought yours were bad! just take a look at these horse clippers

At number 7, the hair has made its way through the horse clippers and in to the motor.

No 6 of the dirty horse clippers is the amount of hair blocking the cooling air flow out of the motor and over the blades.

Over oiling of the horse clippers can lead to a build up of hair in the clipper head.

When you see this much horse hair behind the air filter you just know that number 4 is going to have problems.

No 3 has hair pretty much everywhere!

No 2 takes the amount of hair in your horse clippers to the extreme. The PCB and the motor are completely full of horse hair.

And at pride of place at Number 1. This set of horse clippers has the lot; excessive amounts of hair, an over indulgence of oil, and a fine layer of surface rust!

But what makes all of these horse clippers special?

They were all cleaned, serviced, tested and put back in to use with no problems.

So if you want your horse or dog clippers serviced simply send them to me without delay.


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