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Multiple Length Leather Dog Leads

Posted by Simon Harrison on Sunday, June 4, 2017 Under: Products

Whether it is walking, training, or working, sometimes your dogs lead needs to be short, at other times it needs to be long. At Oakside I make a selection of leather dog leads that can quickly and easily change their length to suit all of your requirements.

Multi-Length Leather Dog Lead

I developed this lead from my time as a Dog Handler. It is one lead that can be used in 8 different ways. With a trigger hook at each end and two dee rings it is simply a matter of clipping the lead where you need it. The lead can be used short for when you are walking along the road to the park, medium for when you have a bit more space, and long when your dog needs some room to roam. Once you are at the park and you dog is off the lead you can simply wrap the lead around your shoulders, keeping your hands free.

Want to tie your dog to a post? Simply unclip the handle, pass it around the post and clip it back on again. What could be easier?

Like to walk your dog hands free. With the addition of a free ring on the long part the lead can be slung over your shoulder keeping your dog near-by whilst keeping your hands free. Great for those that like to jog whilst out with their dog.

Your dog has lost their collar whilst out walking. No problem. Simply clip the trigger hook to the free ring and make an impromptu slip lead.

Want to walk two dogs at once. There are two trigger hooks, one for each dog. Easy.

So the perfect lead for the responsible owner and the professional handler alike.

Adjustable Length Leather Dog Lead

This lead again has two trigger hooks at each end. One big and one small. The big hook attaches to your dog, the smaller one attaches to one of the rings attached along the length of the lead.

This lead can be used in long, medium, and short lengths. To keep the lead tidy the small ring can pass through each of the rings keeping the lead together.

If you want an even longer lead then swap the ends around and attach the big hook as the handle.

As with my Multi-Length lead this dog lead is also easily attached to a tie ring or post by unclipping the handle, passing it through, and reattaching it.

Variable Length Leather Dog Lead

This lead has three options for its use; Long with the handle at the end of the lead. Short with the handle near the collar, and medium with the lead slipped through the handle and effectively halving the length of the lead. This lead is very simple in its use but is only really suitable for taller breeds of dog.

With the lead at its mid-length setting it is easy to slip the lead over your shoulders for hands-free walking with your dog running free. 

Convertible Leather dog Lead

This lead is a simple lead with either long or medium length options. More suited for the smaller dog where the short length could not be used. A long Dog lead with a trigger hook at one end and the handle at the other. A ring is fitted near the trigger hook which permits the lead to be halved. Great for when you are walking down the road. In this half length the dog lead can be placed over your shoulder for hands free walking.

So there you have it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a dog trainer, a professional dog handler, or a responsible dog owner, one of my multiple length handmade leather dog leads could be perfect for you and your dog.

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