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Military Working Dogs

Posted by Simon Harrison on Monday, June 2, 2014 Under: History

Dogs have been used in war for many years. Britons, Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans all used large breeds of dog for scouts, tracking, and battle. Attila the Hun used giant Molossian dogs during his campaigns. Roman armies used entire companies of large Molossian dogs to devastate enemy warriors. These dogs would have spiked collars and mail armour, fitted to them to cause utter mayhem! 


It was in WW1 that the Red Cross wanted to use Ambulance dogs to locate injured soldiers. Dogs were used as messengers, guard, and sentries. Small dogs were also used for their ratting abilities. Roll of honour has a good article on Trench dogs.


It was in World War 2 that the British Army’s, Royal Army Veterinary Corps, developed the use of military working dogs. The RAVC is responsible for the procurement of dogs for all UK service agencies.


Dogs have become an invaluable aid to ground troops with IED (Improvised Explosive Device) detection dogs at the fore front of saving lives. Check this link for an insight into the role of an IED dog.

Other than the Horse during WW1 and earlier, what other animal has devoted more to human wants and needs than the working dog?


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