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Measuring your Dog for a Handmade Leather Slip Collar

Posted by Simon Harrison on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 Under: News

Measuring your dog for a slip collar

The measurement that I require to make your leather handmade slip collar is not the same as a traditional collar. This is due to the way that a leather slip collar fits on your dog. As a slip collar does not open it needs to be able to pass completely over your dog's head without pinching or rubbing.

To measure you will need;

  • A fabric tape measure,

  • and your dog of course!

Simply take your tape and measure around the largest part of your dog's head. This is usually around the ears. Leave a good 2 or 3 fingers slack as this will allow space for the collar to pass easily over your dog's head without rubbing hard against their ears when you are placing or removing the collar. When placing your fingers under the tape they should be side on to your dog. This will vary depending on the size of your dog as the gap is proportionate to the size of your dog. A toy breed will only require a couple of fingers, whereas a giant breed may require 4 fingers. It is down to you.

Remember that the beauty of having a handmade leather slip collar is that you can have whatever size you like! Some people like to have a slightly tighter collar, others like to have a long tail to connect to their lead. It is down to your personal preference.

This measurement that you give me will be the length of the leather part of the collar, not including the two rings.


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