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Leather Repairs

Posted by Simon Harrison on Thursday, May 29, 2014 Under: Repairs

Leather Repairs

So your favourite saddle has started to come apart at the seams – quite literally! What are you going to do? Throw it in the bin? Chuck it in the cupboard under the stairs? No! Take it to Oakside Saddlery for repair!

Most leather items can be repaired, especially if the stitching has just worn through. And it is not just saddles that can be repaired; leather boots, bridles, dog collars and leads, bags, motorbike leathers, leather belts, and many other items are repairable. So why not save money and instead of buying a new item have yours repaired.

The process.

Even something as badly damaged as the above saddle is capable of repair. To keep the strength and integrity of the item I try and use the holes already there. I remove all of the old stitching back to a point where it is still held together firmly. This leaves nice holes that I can then line up and stitch by hand. By hand stitching means that no additional holes are made in the leather and it therefore keeps your item looking like it hasn't been repaired. Additional stitch holes may also perforate the leather so much that it loses a lot of its strength and may cause it to rip.


A completed repair can look like new, is probably much stronger than the original and will put much need life back in to your old leather. Not only that but it will save you money!

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