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Just how clean are your Horse Clippers?

Posted by Simon Harrison on Saturday, November 14, 2015 Under: Clippers

Are you one of these people that keep their horse clippers clean? or are you one of the ones that just blow the hair away and leave it until next time? Do you always brush all of the hair off after every use? Take the filters off and clean them?

Whatever you do you will be surprised by just how much hair and muck can find its way inside your horse clippers. Here are just a few of the ‘worst’ ones I have had for servicing.

Horse Clipper heads have changed over the years. Airflow from the motor can be blown out through the blades helping to keep them cool. Unfortunately hair goes into the gearbox and causes problems. You can only clean this by taking the horse clippers apart.

Hair can make its way passed the filters and into the main body of the clippers. This can cause overheating and premature failure of the electrical components.

Blocked air filters on your horse clippers cause the biggest problems. If the filters are blocked then the motor can not draw the air through that it needs to keep cool. Remove them if you can, clean, and replace. try not to cross thread the screw!

It can be quite surprising just how much hair can get through the filter!

And you wondered why your horse clippers were getting a bit hot.

So don’t delay. Have your Horse Clippers professionally serviced today. Visit


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