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Invoice Problems!

Posted by Simon Harrison on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 Under: News
I am gaining a large pile of stuff that I have made recently that has just not been paid for (which is annoying)! I'm hoping that when my new store is properly up and running it will stop all of that.
I'm not sure what the cause of the problem is. I know that some customers just don't receive my PayPal invoices as their email client has decided that the email is spam. This is bad for me as;
  1. I don't get paid for my work. A loss that I can't write off against my tax return.
  2. The customer just thinks that I haven't bothered to make their order.
  3. That customer then goes off and tells all of their friends what has happened.
  4. I lose valuable customers.
  5. I get bad publicity!
So how can we stop all of this?
Firstly, after you have ordered something you should get an email from me confirming the order.
If after 4 weeks or so you haven't heard anything then please contact me. I may have sent it and I can easily email a reminder.
And by far the easiest of all is use my online store to order your leather goods. Payment is upfront, so all that I have to do is make the items and send them out!


P.S. Keep your eye open for some discount codes for when you use my online store!

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