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Get Heavy with the Chatham Leather Belt from Oakside

Posted by Simon Harrison on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 Under: Belts

The Chatham Handmade Leather Belt from Oakside is a heavy duty, no nonsense, leather belt. Designed with style and sturdiness in mind. It has a solid brass buckle and two leather loops that are stitched to the Bridle leather belt



The solid brass Chatham leather belt buckle is available in widths of;

  • 1 inch wide leather belt

  • 1 ¼ inch wide leather belt

  • 1 ½ inch wide leather belt

  • 1 ¾ inch wide leather belt

  • 2 inch wide leather belt

The solid brass Chatham belt buckle is quite flat and square with rounded corners and the buckle pin has a deep curve to it ensuring that the belt sits nice and flat when buckled.



Two leather loops are stitched in to the belt to keep the point under control. The two loops are boxed square and creased. I also stitch a small spacer between the loops to keep the design flat. This is more of a pain to make but makes for a much better design.


To keep with the heavy duty design of the Chatham Handmade Leather Beltthree rows of stitching are carried out. This stitching is carried out by hand using traditional saddlery methods. Double hand stitching passes two stitches through each hole making for a stronger and more robust stitch.



I punch 5 holes to buckle your belt up. Theses holes are placed at the belts width apart so a 1 inch wide leather belt will have holes that are 1 inch apart, a 2 inch wide leather belt will have holes that are 2 inches apart. The measurement you give me will be to the middle hole so if you have measured correctly you should only use the middle hole anyway – unless you lose weight that is!)

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