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Posted by Simon Harrison on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 Under: Products
I make many different leather dog leads. The reason being is that we all have different sizes and breeds of dogs, we are all different heights and builds, and we all want our dogs to different things. Some people like to have a well trained dog that walks to heel, others just need the dog to stay safe whilst on a road. A tracking dog needs to be worked at a distance, and a showing dog needs to be worked close. So what lead should you chose?

Standard Dog Lead
My standard lead comes in three different lengths; Short, Medium, and Long. The length is commonly suited to the breed of dog. Small breeds require a longer lead as they are further away from your hand. Large breeds can have a shorter lead for the opposite reason.

1.5 metre Long Dog Lead
My longer lead is 1.5 metres long and designed to the same specifications as my standard leads - only longer! Perfect for the dog that likes to have its head and walk just that bit further away. This lead is also great for advanced training as you can be slightly further away (about 1.5m away!)

Dog Tag Handle
Tag handles or traffic leads are commonly used by large and massive breeds as they are very close to your hands when walking. Tag handles are also great for walking two dogs as the handle rings on my leads can be clipped to the single tag handle. I'm sure that you have other uses for them?

2 metre Long Dog Lead
What if you want an even longer lead? Say about 2 metres? Well I make one that length as well. These 2 metre dog leads are normally used for training and working dogs. Need your drug dog to be able to track and search freely, to get all of the way under the lorry without having to clamber under yourself? Then this lead is for you!

Public Order Dog Lead
You are a Police Dog Handler with a big dog that is highly trained and will bite if needed. The last thing you  want is for your lead to slip from your hand and your dog to go before you are ready! My 2 handled public order dog lead helps to prevent that from happening. 2 handles means 2 handed grip. and if you let one go hopefully you have hold of the other handle!

Multi-Length Dog Lead
Can't be bothered with carrying lots of different leads around with you! Then you need one of my Multi-Length Dog Leads. These leads combine the best of all worlds. One lead that can quickly change in length from short, medium, and long.

So there is a selection of my leads. All handmade and stitched by hand using heavy linen thread and made from the best bridle butt leather at my workshop in Great Britain. Visit my store for a great selection of leather dog collars and leads


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