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Care and Treatment of your Leather - After Care

Posted by Simon Harrison on Thursday, June 12, 2014 Under: Repairs

How should you look after your handmade leather item from Oakside Saddlery?

Having spent a fair amount of cash on your handmade leather goods it seems only fitting that you should want to take care of it. Most leather if looked after will last many years of hard use. Dog collars, for instance put up with a lot of abuse – from mud, water, baths, sand, and their mate chewing on it!

To keep your leather in good condition and looking like new takes only a little bit of effort. If the leather is really dirty then a bit of water isn't going to cause any more harm so go ahead and wash it clean. Allow the leather to dry naturally, out of direct sunlight and not on a radiator or anything. I would then use Renapur to recondition the leather. Apply sparingly to the application sponge and remove any excess. Then work the Renapur on to, and in to the leather. Renapur quicly conditions and nourishes the leather bringing it back to its former glory and making your leather look like new. The leather can even be damp when you apply Renapur and it will also gently remove small amounts of dirt as well. Great stuff!

Belts are up next.


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