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Camera Straps - What one suits you?

Posted by Simon Harrison on Tuesday, April 2, 2019 Under: Products
A simple search of the internet will throw out a myriad of camera straps. From the standard manufacture's stock one, to custom made bespoke straps costing more than your camera!
My ethos is different. I make camera straps that are designed to do their job, with strength, and style. I use leather from JE Sedgwick. JE Sedgwick make the finest English Bridle Leather that has the strength, durability, and robustness required of a modern day camera strap.
So what strap do you need?

Wrist Straps

Roamer Camera Slipped Wrist Strap

A wrist strap does exactly what it says. It is a simples trap that attaches your camera to your wrist. In the event that you drop your camera, a wrist strap will stop it hitting the floor.
I make a few different designs from standard, to slipped, and plaited.

Neck Straps

Vagabond Adjustable Leather Camera Strap
A neck strap holds you camera readily in place on your chest. It can either be a fixed length or adjustable. An optional wider pad can be used to help to take the weight of heavier cameras if required.

Shoulder Straps

Explorer Adjustable Leather Camera Strap
A shoulder strap can be used for the heaviest of cameras. They come in a variety of lengths or adjustable to enable your camera to be carried across your body, or on the same side. Again a wide pad can be added to help spread the weight of your heavy camera.

Future Designs

I have some ideas for future designs. These include heavy duty versions of my shoulder straps, a clutch strap, and a two camera harness based on a pistol shoulder harness.
Fancy one of these designs, or have your own idea, then send me a message and I'll see what I can do.

Already have one of my camera straps? Then maybe you would like to send me some pictures of it in use?

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