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Belfast Belt

Posted by Simon Harrison on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 Under: Belts
The Belfast Belt

The Belfast belt from Oakside is a handmade leather belt with a double looped, solid brass, oval buckle.



The Belfast Buckle is made from solid brass in the UK at Abbey England, and is 1 ¼ inches wide. A stylish design which is quite flat with rounded corners and ends. A double buckle so requires no leather loops to keep the belt under control. The belt buckle is long enough to make it easy to buckle with plenty of room to push the leather through.



I use genuine English Bridle Leather for my belts, and the Belfast Belt is no exception. Bridle leather is between 3.5 mm and 4mm thick. Bridle Leather is very strong because as its name suggests I would usually use it to make Horse Bridles. The edges are bevelled off, stained, and polished. I also run a smooth crease line around the edge giving the belt a pleasing look only found on handmade items



The buckle is stitched by hand using traditional saddlery stitching methods. Two lines of hand-stitching down either side of the leather keep the buckle in place. Either side of the leather as this keeps its strength and style. Never across as this only serves to weaken the leather (a bit like perforated paper really!!!!) I stitch this Belfast Belt at 8 stitches to the inch for about 2 inches of hand stitching.


Point and Holes

The Belfast belt has a Cathedral point making it easy to pass through your belt loops and the buckle. The holes are spaced 1 ¼ inches apart. I punch oval holes as this allows the buckle pin to sit flatter in the buckle when your belt is buckled. The length of the belt you order will be to the middle hole,. This will leave 2 holes visible after the buckle and leave enough belt spare to tuck nicely into your first belt loop without being too long to flap around all over the place.

So my Belfast Belt from Oakside. Don’t wait! Order yours today!


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