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A Short History of Dog Collars

Posted by Simon Harrison on Monday, May 26, 2014 Under: History

Dog Collars have been in use by mankind for thousands of years. Images can be found in Ancient Egyptian paintings dating back to 3500BC. These collars were made from leather and had the dogs name on them. The Ancient Greeks used dogs to protect their livestock and used large spiked collars. The Ancient Romans were devoted to their dogs, and collars have been found with with messages in them showing appreciation to their dogs.

Dogs have been used, and sadly abused, by humans for many years; hunting, protection, companionship, war, and showing. The collars that they wore reflected that purpose. Hunting dogs would have a collar with large spikes sticking out from them, this was to prevent the prey they were hunting from biting the dog around the neck. This was the same for Dogs that were guardians of livestock. Show dogs would have collars of precious metals and bells, and were a status symbol for the owner.

Eventually (around the 1500s) as dogs became pets, Dog Collars became the more traditional leather collar still in use today. Although the use of a padlock to keep the collar in place and to prove ownership would probably be frowned nowadays.

The collars that I make now are based on these traditional styles and designs, from simple Leather collars for working dogs and pets, to wide leather collars for larger breeds, all with brass or stainless steel fittings.

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