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New Lines to my Store Coming Soon

May 24, 2020
I have been working on a few different leather items for me.
I have always been badgered by a friend of mine to make some leather watch straps. I have been putting him off as I have never made anything as thin and small as a watch strap! Anyway I have made a few now and given them out for testing. The first ones use buckles that I already have. But bridle buckles are a bit big so I will have to change that. Holes need to be smaller so I will be on the lookout for some smaller punches. And the leather needs to be thinner! blimey! I feel like I could just push the needles through without the awl!
The problem is though. I actually really enjoy a new challenge. And I have already though of some different ideas.

Oh and the leather that they are resting on is a piece of Mock-Croc before anyone starts trying to report me for CITIES! Hang on now that is another idea for a watch strap.

The next thing that I made is something that I have always wanted to do but just never managed to get around to it. A small messenger pad and a 2 gusset leather briefcase. Rather than take orders for bespoke versions of these I think that I may just make them as and when and put them up for sale. I could probably take ideas if someone wants something specific.
The small bag took me around 2 days to make and the large briefcase was around a weeks work. The leather was a bit thick and in places was three layers of around 5mm thick leather. Needless to say my fingers ached a bit after a few days of constant stitching!
As with my watch straps I have thought of some other ideas and my next design may just be a messenger bag based on a WW2 saddlebag.

Anyway, stay safe and have a nice day.


Corvid-19 disruption

March 27, 2020
I hope that this post finds you and your family well.

At the moment I am still able to complete and process orders. My buckle and leather supplier is still operating a limited service and should still be able to deliver everything that I need. And the Post Office is still carrying out deliveries. And as I work alone I can still continue to work. As my workshop is in one of my fields I am keeping my social distancing at around 200m!
Anyway. On a better note! As a big thankyou to our NHS and hard...
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Hand Stitching

November 24, 2019
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So just what is Handmade?

November 9, 2019

A quick search of the internet will throw up hundreds, if not thousands of handmade items. But what actually constitutes a handmade item?

The Cambridge Dictionary has its meaning as

“Made by someone using their hands rather than a machine”

With that in mind lets have a look at what companies and businesses class as handmade. Obviously, I am going to base this on leather goods as that is my craft. I will go through the basic process of crafting a leather belt and compare the differenc...

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White Stitching?

September 4, 2019
Just a few notes on white stitching on my handmade leather goods.
Firstly, white stitching does look nice on many of the leather colours that I use. That being said - it doesn't stay white for long!
White thread is actually described as whitey/brown thread. See even the manufacture can't keep it white for long!
By the time that I have waxed it - I keep a different piece of wax especially for white thread - it starts to take on a slightly yellowy/brown hint. Not much, but I can see it when it is ...
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Leather Colours

July 27, 2019
I only use English Bridle Leather from J E Sedgwick. These come in 14 beautiful colours;
  • Australian Nut
  • Black
  • Burgandy
  • Chocolate
  • Conker
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Havana
  • Hazel
  • Light Havana
  • London Tan
  • Navy Blue
  • Oak Brown
  • Old Oak
  • and Red

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Forces and Bluelight discount

May 19, 2019
In celebration of our hard-working Armed Forces and bluelight personnel I have set up a 10% discount especially for you. Check out your relevant discount service to access the codes.

For Armed forces visit and for the Emergency services check out

If you are not already a member of either of these services I would suggest that you join immediately (assuming you can - fortunately I can!). They offer discounts on many high ...
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New Camera Strap Designs

May 13, 2019
I have been experimenting with some new handmade leather camera straps recently. I have four out for field testing at the moment. Just to check that they all work as they should!
I have tried to think of something that is not common in the world of photographers and their cameras. Being Leather I know that they are stylish, and as they are made entirely by hand they are all bespoke. But I have also used some fittings from the saddlery trade. The Globetrotter shoulder strap for instance, uses a...
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So just how much weight can one of my handmade leather camera straps carry?

April 24, 2019
"Can your camera straps support the weight of my *insert camera model*? It weighs *insert weight*?" Is a very common question I am asked. And the answer is invariable. Yes! Yes it can!
Now as a picture is worth a thousand words I thought that I should test one.

So this is my Globetrotter camera sling supporting a 25lt water container. And yes it is full! so that is around 25kg supported quite happily.

This then made me think. What else could I hang from that strap. Hhmm! What's that in the backg...
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New Websites

April 17, 2019
I have been tinkering with some new websites recently. I decided now was a good time to have some web specific names and to split some of my store items. I also needed to buy up some domain names like using the recently introduced .uk web address. It was also a chance to play with some settings and see what I could come up with.

Having my store with Ecwid makes it easy as I only have to add the store to each website - and viola! there it is.

The majority of my websites ar...
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