Comfort Control Bridle - made to order to customers specification

This unusual comfort control Bridle has a padded, cut-back headpiece, and padded and raised noseband, throat, and browband thereby reducing any unwanted pressure points on your horse's head. The unusual noseband incorporates the throatlatch into one component creating a bridle of beauty and design.

This Comfort Control Bridle was made to a customers specifications using their own measurements and design style.

Handmade in the UK by a traditional Cordwainer craftsman. Please note that reins and bit are not included.

  • Stainless steel Bridle buckles and rings mean no rust or discolouration will occur and provide for increased strength.
  • 1st Selection English Bridle butt leather.

  • Padding on all possible pressure points.

  • Round raised headpiece, browband, noseband, and throatlatch.

  • All completely hand stitched in the UK using time honoured traditional techniques.

  • Double hand-stitched for increased strength and durability using linen thread.

  • Cut back headpiece ears for increased comfort.

  • Desisgned to customers specifications.

 Oakside Saddlery



United Kingdom