Measuring For a Leather Watch Strap 

How to measure for the best fit of your handmade leather watch strap

From an existing watch and strap

For this you will need a ruler, fabric tape or a tape measure.

Take your watch and lay it flat on a table. The first thing that you want to do is measure the width of the strap between the lugs. This gives you the lug width of your watch strap. You then want to measure from the leather at the buckle end across your watch and to the hole that you are using. This will give you your wrist size.

So the strap above gives a strap length of 198mm

From your wrist

For this complicated measurement you will need a fabric tape.

Now prepare yourself, As this is really complicated! Take the tape and measure around your wrist. This is your wrist size! See. I told you it was really complicated! If it is 50 inches or more. Try turning the tape around and measure form the other end!

Actually you need to think about this. Grab hold of your wrist with your other hand. Now make a fist, Then stretch your fingers out straight and spread them apart. Feel your wrist get bigger! That is the measurement that you need. You can also try flexing your wrist back as well.

(Look at my nice, dainty hand!)

Strap size

Now you have measured your wrist. But that isn't the right size yet. Take a look at your watch on your wrist. Notice how it doesn't actually lay flat at the back of the watch. You need to allow for this so add another 10mm to your wrist size.

There are two options now.

You can measure across your watch head from lug to lug and subtract this from your wrist size. This gives you your strap size. Now look at the chart on your required watch strap and find the size that has a distance between the minimum and maximum. This is the size that you need.

The second version is to remove 40mm from your wrist size. Now use the chart below and find the best size that suits your wrist. It needs to be the best fit between the maximum and minimum wrist size fitting.

If you are really struggling you can leave a note in the comments with your wrist size and watch head size and I will make you a strap to suit.

Remember that leather work is not an exact craft as a slight difference with a hole punch can be mm's out. And in watch terms a millimetre can make a bit of difference. Don't forget as well that your wrist changes size due to work, rest, and play.

Want to go Bespoke?

You can work out your size and get a generic, best fit. But if you are ordering your leather watch strap handmade why not have the size made bespoke. Measure your wrist as above and your watch from lug-to-lug. I would also suggest measuring your existing watch strap just to confirm or confuse yourself even more!

Select bespoke on the size options and leave the sizes in the comments box when placing your order.

These measurements' will allow me to make your handmade leather watch strap bespoke. And when worn fit perfectly on the middle hole. Remember that your wrist changes size throughout the day and that due to thickness of leather sometimes this is not going to be perfect. But we can only try!

You will need to put these measurements in the comments when you place your order.

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